Driving spirit of staff is key

Mr Lee: "Getting the SME100 award is an opportunity which will help to raise and build the image of Fong Hong Engineering in the public mind."

SME100 award winner Fong Hong Engineering (S) Pte Ltd is a metal solutions specialist and always tries to be the best value partner to its clients by actualising ideas, and enhancing its image with speed and elegance. The company was incorporated in Singapore in 2006 as a supplier of metal and related work. It expanded its scope over the years with certified workers and modern technology.

Fong Hong is a specialist in the manufacturing of products from designers' drawing board and new innovations with a cohort of engineers having more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields.

"Getting the SME100 award is an opportunity which will help to raise and build the image of Fong Hong Engineering in the public mind," says Lee Ngok Sen, managing director of Fong Hong Engineering. Besides being an opportunity, the award means a recognition and encouragement to the company and staff for their efforts in the past few years. It will encourage the team to do even better, he adds. Fong Hong provides a one-stop service in metal fabrication with high-end and quality service.

Already, since the news of getting the SME100 awards, the work environment has almost palpably changed, as the employees feel motivated by this recognition of their hard work. The morale and driving spirit within the firm are more important than anything else, he says.

Mr Lee thinks the reason he was given the award "is because of my good management and project teams". Without their efforts, Fong Hong Engineering could not have bagged the award, he admits.

"We look forward to new opportunities to get new clients who may be interested in our services, and getting the SME100 Award, I think will also be proof to our clients that we are always improving our team and services to provide the best service," he says.

The company says that its metal products are supplied by its manufacturing company in Malaysia, Kejuruteraan Fong Hong Sdn Bhd, which was incorporated there in 1987. Fong Hong Malaysia operates three manufacturing facilities located at Senai and Skudai in Johor, with a combined production floor area of 150,000 sq ft, housing the latest machinery in metal fabrication, PVD titanium coating, powder coating and precision robotic welding for high-end products.

Fong Hong places great importance in the quality of the finished products to remain competitive in the high-end market and to fulfil clients' specific designs without making any changes.

It provides titanium coating which maintains the beauty of the stainless steel with colours in gold, rose gold, bronze and more.


The powder coating process has also been automated. Fong Hong is now a leading contract manufacturing company for high quality tailor-made metal interior fixtures, fittings, architectural artwork and high technology products. Their completed projects for premium retailers include Chanel in ION; Louis Vuitton in MBS; Ralph Lauren at the Shaw Centre and Tiffany & Co in Melbourne and Ngee Ann City.The company has also successfully completed parts of the counters, wall panels, decorative screens and the entrance for the Marina Bay Sands Casino since 2010 and are currently involved in the ongoing MBS Casino upgrade and renovation project since last year.

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NATIONAL MARK OF MALAYSIAN BRAND : Kejuruteraan Fong Hong Sdn. Bhd.

Oct 10, 2018

Fong Hong Malaysia was awarded with “National Mark of Malaysian Brand” in 2018.


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